Monday, May 4, 2009

Final day 3

The last day of the race was called off after 2 attempts due to poor winds and rain. We headed back to the hotel for the closing ceremony and banquet.

Group photo last day


In the end after a total of 8 round, the top 3 position were swept by the Taiwaness while the SMP team from Hongkong took the top team and Stanley Chan from HongKong won the best speed with a time of 32.75.

As for our team, our final positions are as follows :

Pang - 16th
Syming - 27th
Dennis - 26th
Weiyao - 22th

We accomplished what we came to do, by being here in Jeju to compete was a achievement in itself, considering the fact that we have no proper slope to even fly F3F. This race is a start and i hope it will continue in the future with more SG pilots joining us next year.

We hope the friendships we made with pilots from HK,Taiwan and Korea will continue to grow as this trip was not just about the race, it was a meet up with people around the region with similar passion.


We will like to express our utmost appreciation to our family and friends for their support.
Our Korean host for their kind hospitality , Mr Park and Mr Joon Lee, thanks.
The HK, TW and KR team for sharing their experiences and tips. We hope to see you guys again soon.

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