Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 the wind is much stronger at 9-14m/s. Many pilots got sub-forty. We all beat our previous day PBs.

Pang - 42.31
Francis - 44.17
Jonathon - 44.94
Dennis - did not start day3
Unfortunately, after two rounds of contest, the fog were gradually built up and was too low to fly. The contest was called off at 2:00pm. So TR2010 is over with 12 round flown.

Our final positions as follows :

Pang - 25th
Francis - 27th
Jonathon - 44th
Dennis - 48th

Top 3 went to :

1st 小黑, Taiwan
2nd Stanley, HK
3rd 老二, Taiwan

Best speed is 34.26s by Stanley.

Detailed result is here

More pics at http://www.rcsail.com/forum/viewtopi...842c52cd9881ca

We learn a lot from this trip and thank you guys for the support.

Day 2

Winds are up, very good wind and fast times. average wind speeds 5-7m/s. The HongKong and Taiwan pilots performed very well as they fly mainly in these kind of conditions, we were not familiar, never the less, we all clock our best times.

Pang - 43.26
Francis - 46.31
Jonathon - 52.88
Dennis - did not start day 2

At the end of day 2, our position were as follows :

Pang - 23
Francis - 26
Jonathon 45
Dennis. 48
Scores at http://www.hkrcss.org/HKF3F/TR2010_day2.pdf.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1

We started very early due to the huge number of competitors, left the hotel at 7am. Another climb up the mountain, starting to feel the effect of yesterday's climb.

After all the setup, pilot briefing, a lucky draw was held to pick the first pilot to start the race. Lucky 21.

The conditions was quite bad throughout the day, marginal 3-5m/s, with winds blowing off direction most of the time, totally different from practice day and caught many pilots off. 50s, 60s were common. A total of 5 rounds were ran.

Our team did fairly well, Jon and Francis flew their just maidened Cyrils , with Francis the first one to break the sub 60. Our timing gradually got better and better as we got more use to the conditions and our planes. In the last round, well timed turns enabled Pang's Strega to get the fastest time of the day with a 45.72s run.

End of day 1 our positions were as follows :

Pang - 13th

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Practice Day

Practice day today, we left for the competition site early in the morning. It was deja vu again as we had to climb up the mountain to the flying site. Quite a tough climb 30mins up with 2 pit stops along the way.

Not much of a view from up the flying site as it was very foggy, wind was good at the start and slowed down  towards the afternoon. 

We all took turns to have our practice runs,  Unfortunately during one of the practice, Francis' predator had a mid air with HK Stanley's FS3. Besides that all was good, Dennis had to trim out his radio, Jon and Francis sucessfully maidened their Cyrils.

D-day tomorrow

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arrival Hongkong

Arrived in Hongkong, hotel room is spacious and nice.

 Completed registration

Practice session tomorrow, wind looking good.

Monday, October 4, 2010

TR2010 HK here we come

One more day to go before we leave for Hongkong.

Received our team shirts courtesy of Soaring Composites