Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1

We started very early due to the huge number of competitors, left the hotel at 7am. Another climb up the mountain, starting to feel the effect of yesterday's climb.

After all the setup, pilot briefing, a lucky draw was held to pick the first pilot to start the race. Lucky 21.

The conditions was quite bad throughout the day, marginal 3-5m/s, with winds blowing off direction most of the time, totally different from practice day and caught many pilots off. 50s, 60s were common. A total of 5 rounds were ran.

Our team did fairly well, Jon and Francis flew their just maidened Cyrils , with Francis the first one to break the sub 60. Our timing gradually got better and better as we got more use to the conditions and our planes. In the last round, well timed turns enabled Pang's Strega to get the fastest time of the day with a 45.72s run.

End of day 1 our positions were as follows :

Pang - 13th

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