Friday, May 1, 2009

Competition day 1

First day of the race, we keep our flag flying high and did pretty well considering this is our first time racing.

------------Round 1 -------------Round 2 -------------Round 3
Syming----113.24/Mini nyx-----74.37/Mini nyx------82.25/Mini nyx
Dennis-----110.04/Vento-------87.56/Mini blade-----84.79/Mini blade
Weiyao-----82.52/Vento II-----69.40/Vento I--------70.74/Vento I

Full first day results

Rest of the first day activities

Its another different volcano to climb today, I'm sure we were go back very fit!

Plane inspection was carried out before the race proper started.

Lunch before the race

On field Repairs

Taiwan team doing some on field repairs

Unfortunately Sy Ming's Mini Nyx had a bad landing during the practice flight before the race started. On field repair at its best. He went on to fly the mini nyx for 3 Round

Gatorade to the rescue

Good to go

Today's condition was very unpredictable, the winds came in gust. The slope was also not too good as the wind was blowing on the convex part and the sides does not have very good lift.


Pushing too hard, first casualty
Most of the race action were taken in video, they need to be process before posting later

We headed for another sumptuous dinner

BBQ black pig
Yam seng

With the taiwan team after dinner

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