Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 2 competition

We enter day 2 of the competition today and the conditions were totally opposite of yesterday's weak winds. Today was truely what a F3F race should be like, howling winds great slope.

At one point the anemometer was maxed out at 30 knots.

Due to the strong winds there were many casualties, not just our team but the rest as well.

Dennis' vento and transmitted was hit early by a taiwaness plane on landing. Weiyao 's vento I lost control and crashed badly , almost totaled. Syming' mini blade wack the ground on a high speed run, my javelin's horizontal fin ripped on a landing. We managed to do some on field repairs and get going again. Well this was the kind of conditions that we came for, and it was worth it.


We managed to get better times today. All of us managed to go sub60s, a few of our runs went sub 50s!

Round 4 --Round 5 --Round6--Round 7 --Round 8


DNF/Mini blade--66.76/Mini blade--63.87/Mini blade--56.91/Mini blade--66.38/Mini blade

63.62/Mini blade--48.20/Vento--56.07/Vento--55.23/Vento--64.36/Vento

DNF/Vento I--55.08/Vento II--53.90/Vento II--59.68/Vento II--64.56/Vento II

DNF- did not finish

Full results

One more day to go tomorrow we will do our best.

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