Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pilot Profile #1 - Lu Wei Yao

Hey guys!

Thought i would do a formal introduction on myself from the team.

My name is Lu Weiyao, aka Pitch Black to some.
I have been actively involved in the local RC scene for a good 7 years now.
My area expertise range from competitive fixed wing aircraft, to rotary wing platforms.
I fly whatever i can get my hands on!

With a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, i have designed, fabricated and assembled multiple advanced UAV platforms.
I am also currently doing Aviation related projects on a commercial basis.
What could be better! (=
If you do require such services, drop me a contact via this blog.

Slope Soaring has always been a huge draw for me. From my 1st ever sailplane, the Spirit 2m, i've slowly evolved the fleet into what i have now.
These range from tiny slope buzzers, to large scale sailplanes.
The 09 Korean open would be my 1st competitive sailplane event outside Singapore. And i intend to stay in the competitive arena as long as the funds allow. Its in the blood!

Anyway, enough on that, watch out for my upcoming posts regarding my competition gear, reviews, and other nonsense regarding everything RC.

Stay tuned.
Soar High and roll low.........

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    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!