Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Made a box out of corroplas to fit both the Vento and Miniblade. Total weight around 10.5Kg. Kind of heavy. Hope we don't kana overweight charge.

Pang, Wei Yao, Sy Ming and our team manager Chew will be traveling by Cathay Pacific and schedule to depart around 6pm. They will transit in Hong Kong for an hour and be on their way to Incheon. From Incheon, they will take a train to Gimpo for their connection to Jeju.

For me, I will be on SQ departing at 12 midnight for a direct flight to Incheon. I will also get on the train to Gimpo for my connection to Jeju. The guys will be waiting for me in Jeju airport. If I don't get lost.

Stay tune we will try to update the blog daily.

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