Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lungpan F3F 2015 Taiwan

 8 pilots from SG went over for this year's Lungpan F3F. Typhoon Koppu threatened to disrupt this year's Lungpan F3F 2015 in Taiwan. Luckily it managed to clear away and we managed to had 4 days of good flights. Over the 3 days of competition we had light wind on first day, medium wind on 2nd and strong conditions on the last, what a great finish. It was great to meet again friends from Hongkong, Taiwan and France at this magical slope. 

Special thanks to Taiwan R/C Slope Glider Association for well organised event. Thanks Steve Chang , Gordon Tseng and all helpers in the organising team! 特别感谢台湾遥控斜坡滑翔机协会举办这次龙盘F3F赛。谢谢再次让我们有机会来龙盘一起玩。我们都飞得很开心。大家明年再见!

Along the way we had good meals, great fun and many incidents to make this another memorable trip.

We arrived at Kaohsiung on Thursday morning and rushed down to the slope for some practice. Winds 20-25ms greeted us and we did a few test rounds.

Day 1 of the competition we had 8-9ms wind dropping to 3-6ms in the afternoon, we finished 8 rounds. Day 2 we finished 9 rds in slightly stronger wind before ending day 3 with 4 rounds. Many of the team achieved their personal best. An unexpected "bonus" of extra shopping day in Kaohsiung due to Scoot flight delay.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCa-fqMpZuV0F_O30oHbjw9bdR3cDR67- Vids Lungpan 2015

https://goo.gl/photos/6V1Jd3K6HvLCY26JA photos longpan + jeju

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