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Typhoon Race 2015 F3F Jeju Korea

Typhoon Race 2015 was held again in the beautiful Island of Jeju in Korea. A total of 32 pilots participated in the contest including 8 from Hong Kong, 3 from Taiwan, 3 from Singapore, 1 from France. 3 pilots continued their trip from Kenting and arrived at Jeju on Wednesday night with warm reception by the local pilots, special thanks to Joon Lee for his car ride as well as welcome dinner at Korean BBQ.

 The practice day Unfortunately, very weak wind was expected, so we went straight to have some sightseeing, first to the EcoPark with mini-train ride. Then in the afternoon, we went to the slope to check out the wind condition, and found there was virtually no wind, so we went sightseeing again in Halla Park. Dinner was Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup at restaurant nearby hotel with Mr Park.

1st day contest Strong northerly wind was expected, so headed to a small slope for northerly wind at early morning, this is a new slope which has never been used for contest before. The hike up is relatively easy 15 minutes climb. A round zero was run for pilots to get accustom to this slope. Windspeed was 12 m/s and gusting to 16m/s. Strong wind coupled with this small slope made flying pretty challenging, there were many penalties as a result of crossing the safety line. There were a few crashes due to strong turbulence. Andreas Fricke of France got the fastest time in round zero but he crashed his model into the tree in the first round, too bad for him as he needed to fly his model repaired with three big holes for the rest of the contest! A total of 4 rounds plus a round zero were completed. We headed back to hotel after sun set, Happy time followed when we had dinner at a BBQ restaurant. To celebrate the success of today contest, we consumed many bottles of Korean liqueur that led to at least four pilots getting drunk!

2nd day contest Strong north-easterly wind was expected, so we headed back to Geumak Oreum. One big advantage of this slope is that it can be reached by car and is much bigger than the slope we used in previous day. Windspeed was at average 12m/s. This slope is much safer both for flying and landing, and therefore no major crashes happened, except perhaps, LiMan’s Stinger was lost during landing as it was sucked down by strong side wind. Fortunately, his model was finally spotted at the end of day when we walked downhill to search for it. It was hung on top of a tall tree with one wing fell off badly damaged. The organizer managed to complete 7 rounds in a day as the lady base judges were getting more experience on the buttons with very few base judge errors.

3rd day contest Weather forecast was weak north-easterly wind, so the organizer decided to push forward the contest by half an hour in order to get more rounds. So we got up very early and arrived at the slope at 8 am. Unfortunately, the wind was too weak to be able to start the contest, a waiting game and a perfect photo-taking session for everybody. After 4 hours of waiting, rain instead of wind did arrive, so the organizer called off the contest at 12:30pm.

TR2015 was officially over with 11 rounds flown.

The winners are: Champion: Stanley Chan (Hong Kong) 1st Runner-up: Joe Sung (Taiwan) 2nd Runner-up: Ho Kwok Wai (Hong Kong) Best Speed: Imkil Joen (Korea)
Team award Champion team: Chi-Sang Leung, Sunny Tse, Ho Kwok Wai 1st Runner-up team: Wing Wong, Andreas Fricke, Stanley Chan 2nd Runner-up team: Joe Sung, Rico Lee, Jeff Tan

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCa-fqMpZuV0ukW8dP5vouifhfowLaOPC jeju vids

https://goo.gl/photos/6V1Jd3K6HvLCY26JA photos longpan + jeju

Lungpan F3F 2015 Taiwan

 8 pilots from SG went over for this year's Lungpan F3F. Typhoon Koppu threatened to disrupt this year's Lungpan F3F 2015 in Taiwan. Luckily it managed to clear away and we managed to had 4 days of good flights. Over the 3 days of competition we had light wind on first day, medium wind on 2nd and strong conditions on the last, what a great finish. It was great to meet again friends from Hongkong, Taiwan and France at this magical slope. 

Special thanks to Taiwan R/C Slope Glider Association for well organised event. Thanks Steve Chang , Gordon Tseng and all helpers in the organising team! 特别感谢台湾遥控斜坡滑翔机协会举办这次龙盘F3F赛。谢谢再次让我们有机会来龙盘一起玩。我们都飞得很开心。大家明年再见!

Along the way we had good meals, great fun and many incidents to make this another memorable trip.

We arrived at Kaohsiung on Thursday morning and rushed down to the slope for some practice. Winds 20-25ms greeted us and we did a few test rounds.

Day 1 of the competition we had 8-9ms wind dropping to 3-6ms in the afternoon, we finished 8 rounds. Day 2 we finished 9 rds in slightly stronger wind before ending day 3 with 4 rounds. Many of the team achieved their personal best. An unexpected "bonus" of extra shopping day in Kaohsiung due to Scoot flight delay.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCa-fqMpZuV0F_O30oHbjw9bdR3cDR67- Vids Lungpan 2015

https://goo.gl/photos/6V1Jd3K6HvLCY26JA photos longpan + jeju

Monday, November 10, 2014

Trip report Typhoon race 2014

17 Oct Fri - Departure
This is start of our kenting lungpan adventure. Quite a large group this trip, many are going there for fun-fly and get a feel of the fantastic slope at lungpan. We first transit at hongkong to kaoshuing and pick up our rental cars.

Along the way we pick up VinTan from HSR station. After a long day of travelling we reach hengchun, our stay for the next 10 days.

We had a nice steam boat dinner at the local store. Winds was already howling , we fixed up our models ready for next day.

18 Oct Sat - Practice
Practice day with good wind 15-23ms. After nice breakfast, we headed for the slope. Some of Hongkong pilots were already there. We took turns with the Hongkong team to fly, weather was good.

 Many of us were not used to such strong winds and had some crashes. Weiyao flew too close to the left lip , hit turbulance and crashed his crossover. Frank lost his pace during landing. Rest damaged their models on landing.

We had nice seafood dinner at the port to make up for the loses.

19 Oct Sun
Winds slowed down slightly, and started to rain for awhile. No problem, party in the Van!

Many other pilots started to arrive.Long Q for flying started, Sherwin unfortunately got lost while he went down to retrive his crossover. He went down the wrong way and went too far away , almost reaching the coast line. A rescue operation started and he was eventually rescued just before lights went out.

20 Oct Mon
We did some flying and went for ATV in the afternoon.

At night after dinner ,we went to light fireworks at nearby chuhuo tourist attraction.

21 Oct Tues
Wind dropped to very light, making the day very hot. We only had 1 flight each when the heat became unbearable. We decided to take a break and went back. Along the way we went for a round of exciting drift Go-cart.

22 Oct Wed
Weather was not looking good. We had late breakfast and went to hot springs nearby for rest and relax.

23 Oct
Wind was blowing crazy, more than 30m/s in the morning. We work up early at 5am go slope to beat the Q. Flying in the crazy wind was exciting. Bases were setup and time practices started. Lukas crashed his model hard and fast on Base A during one of the time flights. Rest clocked pretty good times, many sub 30s.

We completed model checking and registration in the evening.

24 Oct Thurs
Comp day 1 . Typhoon race started with wind speed of 10-15ms. Good constant wind with few thermal influence made this contest a real test of skills. Lukas crashed his model in Rd 1 after a cut at base B, he recovered very well with a 30.46 in Rd 3, thats the fastest speed of the day as well as Best speed for the whole competition. Times range from 30s to 40s.

25 Oct
Comp day 2
Wind started similar to as day 1 before dropping to around 8-10ms. A very close contest for the top pilots. Pressure was mounting and Mr O crashed his needle into Base B in Rd 6. CD decided to have a split round in round 9. The long waiting time in between rounds means we had lots of time to mingle with the other pilots. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

26 Oct
Comp day3. Wind dropped and speed slowed down. In the end of 13 rounds, Mr O won the Typhoon race with Lukas coming in 2nd, Gordon Tseng of Taiwan came in third.

Full results http://www.f3f.url.tw/tr2014/tr2014_3.pdf
or http://f3xvault.com/?action=event&function=event_view&event_id=405

27 Oct
We left early in the morning with fond memories of the good days we had in kenting. It was one of the best trips we had. It was a fantastic experience having world class pilots at the longpan. Seeing them fly serves as good inspiration for many. Planes, besides the usual stingers, pike precisions, freestylers, lots of pitbulls, crossovers were flown by the pilots.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Typhoon Race 2014 Lungpan Taiwan

The most exciting & Star-Studded F3F competition in the world!! There were 64 pilots from 12 different countries!! 

Team SG sent 6 pilots! What a awesome trip. This is the best trip yet. Wonderful and crazy team mates, good food, crazy wind. 

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Lots of photos on facebook 

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2014 FAI World Championship

 2014 FAI World Championship F3F

Type of Event: World Championship
Event Classification: 1- st Category Event
Date of Event: September the 7th– 14th2014
Location: Donovaly, Slovak republic
Organizers:  National Aero Club of Slovak Republic Model Union of Slovak Republic KLM Ruzomberok, RCM Martin
 Competition rules:  The FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Vol. F3F Radio control Soaring Model Aircraft 2013 edition
 Flying sites location:  Touristic region Donovaly, Lesser Fatra, National park area

Team Singapore for the 2014 FAI WC F3F
- Pang Yong Wee
- Francis Choo
-Vincent Loh

Official website http://f3x.sk/?page_id=40
Rest of the teams http://f3x.sk/?page_id=939

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kenting Lungpan F3F 2013 Taiwan Photos and videos

Links to photos and videos








Kenting Lungpan F3F 2013 Taiwan

After the Typhoon race we went straight to Taiwan for the Kenting Lungpan F3F race. It was also part of the FAI world cup series. Race diary :

Oct 22-23 Practice day

Kenting Lungpun is the slope f3f paradise, we had 15-20ms wind the whole day yesterday. Amazing place to fly.
Landing was exciting with gust of winds blowing ur glider off balance every few seconds. My cyril got flipped 2m off the ground n suffered a broken neck. Frank Pace went too low on a turn and went to the bushes below. Repair work started after dinner.

It was all good for today. Wind slowed down abit, we are happy no repairs needed for today n we can relax abit.

Jeff with his freestyler 3
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Frank Pace back in action today
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Sponsored by Taiwan beer

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Oct 24 Race day 1

Unbelievably the wind today came from the back of the slope. First time ever for competition here. The typhoon up north in Japan is creating havoc,http://earthsky.org/earth/typhoon-fr...ater-this-week.

Cant fly today so we did more photo shooting and ATVing. Wind forecast tmr n sat to be back to normal 15-20ms

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Oct 25 Race day 2

Fantastic day today. 15-20ms busting 24ms wind. Coming to lungpun race is a race against oneself, conquering the fear, conquering the elements. 

Congratulations to 

-Mr O of tw for breaking the f3f world record again 25.14
- Francis for breaking his own pb 37.xx
- Jeff for breaking his own target n setting a sub 50 , 42.xx
- Frank for performing so well in his first race , with a sub 40 somemore, 39.xx

Me n Vincent have to work harder tmr.

Race day 2 results
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Oct 26 Race day 3

Last day of the race was another crazy day. Wind speed 18-20ms busting 23-24. Lots of crashes as the pilots were pushing to the limits to get their best.

Xiaohei Mr O of taiwan rewrote the world record again with a 24.58s flight. 

Kudos to the team for achieving their own targets. 

Jeff sub 50 n pb 41.72
Vincent pb 39.26
Frank for a great first f3f race n pb 37.84
Francis pb 34.32
Pang pb n sub 30, 29.99 

It was great to see our overseas friends every year, the slope camaraderie is amazing. Thanks for the company and till we meet again next year.

Full complete results http://www.f3f.url.tw/wc2013/wc2013.pdf

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